Free Spotify premium Account 2019 [100% Working]


Free Spotify Premium Accounts 2019, Spotify Premium Accounts free Email ID and Passwords [100% Working]

What is Spotify Music App

Talking about the features of this app, in this, you will get the benefit of accessing the music already available in the device along with the personalized playlists and recommendations. You will also be able to share your playlist through this app. Also, you can take the facility of background play. Premium users will have access to offline and ad-free music in high quality. You can take a premium free trial of this music app for 30 days. For subscription, users can use their debit or credit card.

According to Danielle Eck, CEO of Spotify, India is a rich country in terms of music, so we are launching this custom music in this Indian market. Over 96 million songs are available on this platform. Bollywood songs in India, regional content such as Malayalam, etc. languages ​​will be available in India on the Spotify app.

The biggest challenge to Spotify will be from other online music streaming apps already in the Indian market. Spotify has around 200 million active users of 207 million worldwide. According to the company's claims, more than 30 thousand songs will be added on this app every day.

Subscription price

The Spotify platform offers a variety of plans. If users subscribe for a week, they will have to pay Rs 39 for this. At the same time, a one-month subscription will cost Rs 129. At the same time, the price of three and six months subscription will be Rs 389 and 719. If you adopt this service for one year, you can buy it for Rs 1189.

At the same time, the company has also introduced a facility for payment. Please tell, the subscription can be paid with UPI and Paytm. At the same time, if you want a one-month trial free, then you have to pay with MasterCard or Visa card. The company has also launched some special offers for Indian students. Let us know, subscribers who buy the premium plan can listen and download songs in high quality.

What is Spotify Lite APK

Music streaming app Spotify has launched a Lite app in India - Spotify Lite App. It is similar to Facebook Lite, its performance will be good even in low data, poor connectivity. Not only India, but it has been launched in many countries. Let us know that Spotify is new to India, but it is quite popular in America.

Amarjit Singh Batra, MD, Spotify India has said, 'A few months ago in India, we introduced Spotify Lite Beta to gauge the interest of the users, which has been great. So now we are officially launching Spotify Lite. Lite is a small, fast and simple version that works like the main Spotify app. You will still be able to search and play your favorite music and artist in it, will be able to sell and share it with others. It has some extras that are better for older smartphones and operating systems'

The Spotify Lite app is 10MB, so it will be easily installed in the smartphone. This app has a feature of data limit, from which you will be given notifications on data usage. With this, the company claims that even if there is less storage, you will not have trouble. For this, Spotify Lite has an option to clear it in single tap for Cache control.

Spotify Lite has been launched by the company in total 36 countries. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Kalify Persson, Senior Product Manager, Spotify, said, 'Spotify Lite is designed based on feedback from users around the world to give people the best music experience in the world, especially in places where limited bandwidth and phone storage it occurs.

Spotify Lite can be downloaded for free or premium users. Both apps can also be downloaded simultaneously. According to the company, it will work in Android smartphones that have a version of 4.3 or above.

Spotify Premium Account Free 2019

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Spotify is a foreign company. This is the reason that you get to see a large collection of English songs on it. Also, it gets to see some features which are not found in other songs streaming service. Also, the quality of its songs is quite good. It is available for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows all OS. Talking about the lack of Spotify, you have a very little collection of Indian songs in it. With the free plan, you get to see ads in it.

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